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What is Community Supported Art (CSA)?

Community Supported Art is an exciting new model of art support and distribution that supports artists in the creation of new work and establishes relationships with local collectors and patrons. Up to nine selected artists will receive a commission to create 50 “shares” each year, or “season”. Interested collectors will purchase a share from ARTiculture and, in return, receive a box of locally produced artwork and exclusive art experiences.

Are there other CSA programs?

Yes! Minneapolis-based Springboard for the Arts founded the first Community Supported Art program in 2009 and since then, over 50 have been replicated across the country! See the full map of CSA programs here. (ARTiculture is the only current program in Wisconsin!)

Why is ARTiculture a “Community Supported Arts” program?

Given ARTiculture’s range of offerings for shareholders, we wanted our definition of “art” to be as inclusive as possible, for now and in the future.

What does a season consist of?

The CSA season runs approximately from April – December. ARTiculture issues a call for art and proposals in late spring. A jury panel consisting of community experts meets to narrow the submissions to a smaller group. A community-wide online vote then determines the final works to be included in the share. After the season’s artists are finalized, shares are sold online and in-person throughout the summer. Accepted artists are provided with a stipend and a few months to produce work for the shareholders. During this time, shareholders will also have access to exclusive art experiences, like a Drawing Rally and Gallery Pub Crawl. At the end of the season, ARTiculture’s shares will be distributed to shareholders at a special event in downtown Appleton.

I want to be a shareholder:

What will I receive in a share?

Up to nine pieces of work by local artists, as well as special offers and exclusive access to downtown art experiences like a Drawing Rally and Gallery Pub Crawl.

How much is a share?

For the 2015 season, we expect to sell shares at $300.

How can I buy a share?

After the community vote determines the season’s artists, we will start selling shares in late June/early July online and in-person at various downtown Appleton events.

When will I reap the benefits of being a shareholder?

Special events will occur through the summer and fall. You can pick up your share of local artwork at a special event in downtown Appleton in late November—just in time for the holidays!

I want to be an artist:

Does the subject matter have to be Wisconsin-themed?

No. It may be beneficial during the selection process (during the community vote, for example) but artists are not required to address a specific theme in their proposal.

Do artists have to be from Appleton?

No. All artists with some connection to the Appleton/Fox Cities/Midwest region are welcome to apply. Keep in mind, however, that artists are expected to deliver their artwork and attend the pick-up event located in downtown Appleton in November 2015.

How many artists will be selected for the 2015 share?

Up to 9 artists–the exact quantity depends on what the jury and community members will want to see in a share.

I’m not sure I can create 25 or 50 works of art. Can I still participate?

That’s a big fat YES! Many artists have brought up this concern, so we recently released a group application. Maybe you can get 5 artists together to create 10 works each for a share; maybe you can get 5 artists together to create 3, 7, 10, 12, and 18 works respectively for a share. As long as the group can produce enough work to fulfill a ½ (25 works) or full (50 works) share, the submission will be considered just like a submission from an individual artist.


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