2015 Artist Finalists

Community Vote for Final Selection


ARTiculture is excited to present the following list of 15 finalists for the 2015 pilot program. Our jury selected these artists’ proposals based on a variety of factors. Now, it’s up to the community to decide which 8 artists will be supported financially this season.

Please review the list of candidates, then follow the Vote button below to cast your ballots. You may vote once per day until July 8—so be sure to visit again and vote for other favorites.

In the finalist group, there are two sections:

  1. Finalists with a proposal to make 25 pieces (only half the shareholders will receive a piece from each winning artist)
  2. Finalists with a proposal to make 50 pieces (every shareholder will receive a piece from these artists).

You can vote in both sections for each ballot you cast. There will be four winners from each category.

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Meet the Finalists

Artists Making 50 Pieces (Full-Share)

John Adams | Painting

John Adams 2015Watercolor on paper with some etching on thick luxe cream 50lb textured stock, 12×12” square pieces, each will be numbered and signed.

Click here to view full sample image.

Cori Lin | Printmaking

Cori Lin 2015Large format, reductive linocut prints in two series: a small book with multiple images and a large poster with one image of animals native to the Midwest within whimsical frames comprised of animal motifs.

Click here to view full sample image.

Chris Dorn | Printmaking/Photography

Chris Dorn 2015Lithographs/Cyanotypes on 4×6″ to 10×16″ paper, accordion folded to mimic a postcard packet or brochure. Imagery will be of realistically drawn scenes of Wisconsin with the focal point drawn in a childish or comical manner; sections of the print there will cyanotype contact prints of water or sky, representing both the reality of Wisconsin (cyanotype), representation (lithograph) and the preconception (childish element).

Click here to view full sample image.

Kayla Gerrits | Digital Printmaking

Kayla Gerrits 2015Unique digital prints in patterns based on the skulls of five bird species in different color schemes.

Click here to view full sample image.

Cori Bartz | Painting

Cori Bartz 2015Small original acrylic paintings on wood; subjects will be whimsical birds, reptiles and animals or several colorful buildings based on old, European or local farm buildings.

Click here to view full sample image.

Craig Clifford | Ceramics

Craig Clifford 2015A set of four slip cast porcelain Solo Cups (approximately 9 oz., dishwasher and microwave safe).

Click here to view full sample image.

Chad Brady | Printmaking

Chad Brady 2015Woodcut print edition called “Sturgeon Thunder” (after the sound that fish makes during mating season). About 12″x20” with an image of a sturgeon center and Fox River and Wolf River above and below, black and white.

Click here to view full sample image.

Artists Making 25 Pieces (Half-Share)

Anne Raskopf | Printmaking

Anne Raskopf 2015Linoleum cuts and wood cuts on archival papers tinted with watercolor paints. These prints are more than simple depictions of a creature but rather also of a moment in time and their participation in it.

Click here to view full sample image.

Sara Willadsen | Mixed Media

Sara Willadsen 2015Abstract collages made of found materials combined with reappropriations of the artist’s own work that serve as prompts for new structures and environments.

Click here to view full sample image.

Ali Fuller | Drawing

Ali Fuller 2015Unique, 11×8.5” graphite drawings with ink marbling technique inspired by nature; the subjects will be things found locally in nature such as trees and other plants, animals, rocks, and landscapes.

Click here to view full sample image.

Max Cozzi | Photography

Max Cozzi 2015Color photographs of Northeastern Wisconsin scenes arranged in unique portfolios of 3-5 archival prints and paired with writings on the work and the artist’s experiences.

Click here to view full sample image.

Mariana Russell | Mixed Media/Painting

Mariana Russell 2015Unique abstract mixed media works, approximately 8×10” to 11×14” inches on heavy weight paper that incorporate painting, collage, and printmaking.

Click here to view full sample image.

Melissa Siewart | Ceramics

Melissa Siewert 2015Plays on classic, collectible and definitely kitschy head vases; unique heads will be manipulated to include a higher level of functionality and incorporate the artist’s own style, such as varying facial features, structural shape, and coloration. Roughly 9 inches tall and fully functional as flower vases.

Click here to view full sample image.

Jason Vincetti | Mixed Media/Sculpture

Jason Vincetti 2015Hand crafted collages on 5×7 canvas board made of paint, handmade papers, photographs, textiles, jewelry, and miscellaneous found and salvage items.

Click here to view full sample image.

Ryan Eick | Painting

Ryan Eick 2015Oil paintings around 8×10” to 11×14” in size that explore themes of anxiety, instability, and control utilizing unorthodox compositions and ideas about visuality and the mechanics of sight.

Click here to view full sample image.

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