Call for Art & Project Proposals

ARTiculture wants you to make more art! Artists eighteen and over are invited to submit a proposal for selection for the inaugural 2015 ARTiculture Community Supported Arts program.

Apply Now!

What is ARTiculture?

ARTiculture is modeled on the Community Supported Agriculture program, which promotes buying direct and buying local. ARTiculture gives members of the community the opportunity to collect original works of art by local artists by purchasing seasonal “shares” of art. Shares consist of a selection of artworks that are first submitted through this open call for consideration and then narrowed to a smaller group by a jury panel. The final works to be included in the share will be selected by a community-wide online vote. Artists that are accepted are then provided with a stipend and a few months to produce work for the shareholders. At the end of the season, ARTiculture’s shares will be distributed to the shareholders at a special event in downtown Appleton.

Please read the information and rules provided below. Submissions will start to be accepted on Monday, May 11 via form on this page. Any questions can be sent to

What kind of art?

Artists working in any 2D or 3D medium may apply. Artists must propose the creation of either 25 or 50 objects: artists creating 50 objects will contribute to a “full share” (one object in each share box); 25 objects will contribute to a ½ share (one object in half of the share boxes). ARTiculture is interested in original, hand-made artworks in a wide range of media including, but not limited to: letterpress, photography, ceramics, painting, drawing, and printmaking. Though the work can be functional or non-functional, it should not be commercial, or resemble a mass-produced “product” (e.g., a handbag, kitchen product, or home décor available in retail stores).

Jurors will be interested in the following criteria:

  • Craftsmanship
  • Medium
  • Uniqueness, visual interest, and local flavor
  • Feasibility (any time, cost, or quantity constraints) in producing 25 or 50 works for the shares

Financial support:

All artists whose work is accepted into the 2015 ARTiculture share program will receive an award of $1,000. This stipend is generated entirely by shares in the project that are purchased by community members. Artists are responsible for all materials.

What we need:


Please submit a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of five (5) images of your work, preferably in .JPG format at 300dpi, that are a representation of what you expect to create for this project. Images should show previous or current projects that will give the jurors an idea of your style and medium. This may include sketches or mock-ups of the work you intend to make.

Submission specifics:

  • It is preferred that artists drop their work off in person and attend the art share distribution event to be held in late November/early December. You will be invited to sell other works you’ve made and hob-nob with folks who want to meet local artists and like to buy art at this event, too!
  • Deadline for all submissions is June 8, 2015. You’ll receive a confirmation email within a couple of days of receipt of your online submission.
  • Artists will be notified via email by June 15, 2015 as to whether their work has been accepted for inclusion in an online community vote. There is no guarantee that work will be accepted.
  • The online community vote will take place between June 15 and June 30, 2015
  • Artists whose work is selected in the community vote will be notified via email on June 30, 2015.
  • In extenuating circumstances, if an artist is not able to drop work off in person, it may be shipped, however the work must be transported to Appleton at the artist’s expense (including any insurance). Please visit or email with any questions.

Group Submissions

We realize the creation of either 25 or 50 objects to contribute to a ½ or a full share might be too arduous, time-consuming, and just not feasible for some individual artists’ practices. ARTiculture CSA would like to open up the Call for Art and Project Proposals to groups of artists able to create the requisite 25 or 50 pieces.

Groups of artists creating 50 objects total will contribute to a “full share” (one object from the group in each share box); groups creating 25 objects total will contribute to a ½ share (one object from the group in half of the share boxes). If the proposal is accepted, not every share purchased will have a work from each artist in the group, every share will have something from the group as a whole.

Maybe you can get 5 artists together to create 10 works each for a share; maybe you can get 5 artists together to create 3, 7, 10, 12, and 18 works respectively for a share. As long as the group can produce enough work to fulfill a ½ (25 works) or full (50 works) share, the submission will be considered just like submissions from individual artists.

How many objects from each artist in the group and how the stipend will be divided among the artists will be up to the group of artists.

The submission process, selection criteria, and financial support will be the same as for individual artists. To submit a proposal as a group, fill out the form on the ARTiculture website (feel free to use a creative name for your artist group), include the name of all artists involved in the “Statement of Work” section, and be sure to include photos of each artist’s proposed work for the share.

Liability and Photography

ARTiculture cannot be responsible for loss or damage to artworks, and artists are encouraged to carry their own insurance when the work is delivered and/or distributed. The stipend is non-negotiable, and the cost/time/feasibility of the work will be taken into account during the jurying process. ARTiculture reserves the right to photograph artwork during events and use images of the artwork for publicity and educational purposes in perpetuity. By submitting artwork via this form, the artist is agreeing to the terms outlined above.

We look forward to seeing your work! Thank you!

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