Meet Your Artist: Mariana Russell

Who are you? What do you do?

Mariana Russell ArtI’m Mariana Russell. I am mainly an abstract painter but I also printmake and work with collage/mixed media. Working with multiple mediums can be daunting at times because there are so many options to choose from. It is as if the conversation possibilities are so extended that it is difficult to narrow down what one might want each element to say to each other element. On the other hand, having so much language can also be liberating, especially in the starting point of the process.

Why did you want to be involved in ARTiculture?

I am very excited to be an ARTiculture artist this year. It is not only pushing me and forcing me to work (as well as providing a stipend that will cover supplies!) but also because I think it is important to get more fine arts into our community and make connections between artists, the community, and art purchasers.

What are you creating for the CSA? How do you make it?

I started my 25 abstract mixed media works for the 2015 ARTiculture CSA by laying down a variety of types of foundations; some completely hideous, some delicate, and others with a bold mark or pattern. This somewhat arbitrarily starts the conversation and allows for a multitude of responses with each work. This helps elude getting stuck and when I grow tired or baffled by a work, I can put that piece aside and work on another conversation (which at times can give insight into works I am struggling with.) For now, things are going quite fluidly, which is enjoyable, but there is something about the inevitable struggle of concluding the works that keeps me making, keeps me thinking.

Mariana Russell ArtMariana Russell Art

What role do you think artists have in society?

Mariana Russell Art

Artists are communicators. There isn’t always a ground (essays, novels, speeches, songs, etc.) to communicate and investigate the complexity of humanity and interactions with the universe. This is where an artist can come in. The things artists say are important and I am ecstatic that ARTiculture is creating a platform for artists to present their work.

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