Meet the Artist: Chris Dorn

Who are you? What do you do?

I am Chris Dorn. I work in a variety of mediums, drawing, oils, printmaking, and various forms of photography. My work is series-based. I enjoy creating work that fits within a larger body of work. Part of the reason is that I like exploring concepts over an extended period of time, and the other reason is that I like to finish a work in a day. When I’m not creating art, I’m either working at the Trout Museum of Art or Anderson Pens.


Why did you want to be involved in ARTiculture?

I strongly believe in buying and living with artwork in your home. Art should be enjoyed on a daily basis, whether it is a $30 coffee mug you use everyday, or a $1000 painting hanging on your wall. Living with art has such a positive effect on your daily life. ARTiculture is a great and affordable opportunity for people to start collecting or add to their already existing art collection.

What are you creating for the CSA? How do you make it?

I am creating a souvenir postcard booklet of Wisconsin landscapes that reflect my preconceptions and misconceptions of the state. I grew up in Illinois and had many romanticized ideas of Wisconsin, some of which exceeded my expectations, some fell short. The work will be lithographs, a form of printmaking done on limestone. Portions of the print will then have a cyanotype contact print. Cyanotypes are one of the earliest forms of photography that produce a beautiful blue color. All the work will be done on one piece of paper and then folded like an accordion. One can then tear the prints off individual to send to friends, or display as a body of work.

cdorn4 cdorn3


Favorite or most inspirational place in WI or the Midwest?

cdorn5My girlfriend has a family cabin 30 minutes south of Duluth. It’s a beautiful piece of property on a lake in a secluded portion of Minnesota. It has a giant screened-in porch that spans the entire length of the house. I always manage to finish a couple of books up there, and it is always a relaxing and rejuvenating environment.

What other interests do you pursue?

I love all things pen and stationery. I think more young people are rediscovering the importance of writing by hand as part of one’s daily routine. Former professors instilled in me the history and importance of hand written correspondence, and it’s an art I hope to keep alive. I hope that some people will use my ARTiculture work to send to a friend.

Follow me and at the CSA making process at or on Instagram @cdornrun.


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